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Many sincere, Bible-believing Christian are "Calvinists" only by default. Thinking that the only choice is between Calvinism (with its presumed doctrine of eternal security) and Arminianism (with its teaching that salvation can be lost), and confident of Christ's promise to keep eternally those who believe in Him, they therefore consider themselves to be Calvinists. It takes only a few simple questions to discover that most Christians are largely unaware of what John Calvin and his early followers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries actually believed and practiced. Nor do they fully understand the eternal implications and ramifications of what most of today's leading Calvinists preach and teach. 

Among Calvinist's chief proponents there is general agreement on certain core beliefs. Many evangelicals who think they are Calvinists would be surprised to learn of Calvin's belief in salvation through infant baptism, and of his grossly un-Christian behavior, at times, as the "Protestant Pope" of Geneva, Switzerland. 

Most shocking of all is Calvinism's misrepresentation of God who "is love." —Excerpt taken from Dave Hunt, What Love Is This?" fourth edition (Bend, OR: TBC, 2013), back cover