Berean Bites Series

“BEREAN BITES” are topical booklets designed to spark biblical thinking and discussion on subjects that may be confusing or even controversial—both inside and outside the church. Drawn from the extensive writings of Dave Hunt, T. A. McMahon, and archives of The Berean Call, each “easy-to-digest” volume presents an array of biblical insights concerning popular subjects that impact believers and non-believers alike. Readers will enjoy savoring and sharing this curated sampler, featuring selections from the ministry’s online assortment of books, articles, and Q&As. Each “Berean Bites” volume is designed to whet the appetite for a more serious study of God’s Word—directing readers to Scripture references, additional resource recommendations, and links to online radio archives, as well as links to free and low-cost materials available as digital downloads or by direct mail. Also available with each booklet is an audio CD that contains a concise, organized, compilation of interviews and discussions related to the topic at hand. A study guide is also available.

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