Occult Invasion

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As this timely reprint of the best-selling 1998 first edition powerfully documents, today’s popular obsession with spiritual revolution, “societal transformation,” paranormal activity, and “supernatural” signs and wonders has not just magically appeared by chance. The world and the church are clearly being prepared for some great event—but what? when? why? and by whom? Today, children and adults alike are faced with an endless barrage of “supernatural” violence and sexualized content designed to assault the senses—not merely for titilation, but for transformation of values, beliefs, and lifestyles. Dave Hunt documents and exposes this false dichotomy of “darkness” and “light” that is not only deceiving the world—but countless believers in the professing evangelical church.

  1. Why This Book?
  2. Evolution and Its Role
  3. What is the Occult?
  4. The Death of Materialism
  5. Remote Viewing
  6. A Dark and a Light Side?
  7. Naturalism or Supernaturalism?
  8. Native, Indigenous, and Nature Religion
  9. Spirit Communication and Possession
  10. Drugs, Imagination, and the Occult
  11. Ecology, Shamanism, Science, and Christianity
  12. The Influence of Eastern Mysticism
  13. New Respectability in a New Age
  14. Holistic Medicine
  15. Twelve Steps with "God As You Conceive Him"
  16. The Seduction of Youth
  17. Playing God: The Lust for Power
  18. What about UFOs, ETI's, and Near-Death Experiences?
  19. Apparitions of Angels, Ghosts and Mary
  20. Occultism and the Roman Catholic Church
  21. Psychology and the Occult
  22. "Christian" Psychology
  23. Charismatic/Evangelical Occultism
  24. "Spiritual Warfare" and Revival
  25. A.D. 2000: Millennial Madness
  26. The Coming World Religion