Author: Hunt, Dave
Format: Audio Book
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 8 Discs, 10.5 Hrs, pub 2010
Weight: 0.7

Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist

$ 13.50

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Read by Mark Dinsmore

This timely audiobook version of Dave Hunt’s classic 1990 work is a fascinating survey of recent history as well as Bible prophecy. The Bible declares that one-world government and universal New Age religion are coming. Is that time now here? Two decades later, while some of the players on the global stage have changed, Satan’s stratagems remain the same. Readers will gain valuable insight for today—and tomorrow—from this fascinating, prophetic perspective. 

Original back cover description: "What in the world is happening? The answer may shock you. A drama so intense that the entire universe will feel its power is unfolding—yet at the same time, the prospects for world peace and safety have never seemed brighter. Could this be the peace that leads to the end of human history? So many predictions about the end of the world have proved false that even Christians are affected by a what-difference-does-it-make attitude. But someday, while people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, centuries-old prophecies are today’s headlines. Is the world on the verge of receiving a new savior who will lead an unsuspecting global community to destruction—or is the Antichrist merely an outdated bit of biblical imagery?"

21 Recorded chapters include: A United Europe: Stepping-stone to Global Peace? • The Revived Roman Empire • Communism, Catholicism, and World Destiny • Ecumenism and the Coming New World Order • Ecological Concern and Global Peace • The Arab-Islamic-Israeli Question • Preparation for Delusion • The Christian’s Hope

Available on CD or MP3, 10.5 hours.