Author: Hunt, Dave
Copyright: 2006
Format: Downloadable book
ISBN: 978-1-928660-32-3
Publisher: The Berean Call

Finding Biblical Fellowship

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"Over the past two-plus decades, the most common request that is received by the Berean Call staff is, 'Can you help us find a good, solid church in our area?' Over the years, Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon have written material in an effort to help believers look for and find a church fellowship to which they can commit themselves and begin to use their gifts to minister to the saints. That, however, is getting increasingly difficult. More and more churches have become caught up in doctrinal error to the extent that the saints simply cannot commit themselves to such leadership and teachings (2 Timothy 4:3-4). That being said, this booklet is not intended to encourage those who are simply unwilling to submit to any church authority or who are given to divisiveness. Our prayer is that this booklet will encourage you to 'find biblical fellowship' that is operating according to the Scriptures rather than what has, for the most part, become the traditions of men." We believe that you will be blessed and encouraged as you read the efforts of godly men and women to find ways to minister to and be ministered by those within their fellowships who are seeking the truth found within the scriptures.