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AT THE FIRST World Parliament of Religions, held in Chicago in 1893, a previously unknown 30-year-old Hindu named Vivekananda inspired the dream of Hindu-Christian syncretization and a one-world religion. That hope, which smoldered almost unnoticed for decades, has now burst into a flame of New Age beliefs and organizations and has spread to the church as part of the growing last-days apostasy.

Coincident with the acceleration of the religious deception prophesied by Jesus himself, The Temple of Understanding was formed [nearly 60 years ago] with the encouragement of Thomas Merton, the Dalai Lama, Indian Prime Minister Nehru, Eleanor Roosevelt, popes John XXIII and Paul VI, Albert Schweitzer, and UN Secretary-General U Thant. It was headquar- tered at James Parks Morton’s Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. Morton was the president of this “Spiritual United Nations,” which hoped to move to its own 18-acre site on the Potomac outside Washington, DC, in preparation for the planned 1993 Centenary World Parliament of Religions. In the meantime, a year-long Spiritual Summit was held from October 1985-86 as another step toward joining together all world religions. [Note: In fact, the move was never made and the Temple of Understanding is still located in New York City in The United Nations Church Center.]

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