Author: Hunt, Dave
Format: Audio Book
Publisher: The Berean Call
Size: 8 Discs, 10 hrs, pub 2009
Weight: 0.7

Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust

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Read by Mark Dinsmore.


“Planet Earth is on the brink of an incredible change...but for good or evil? Will there be total economic collapse followed by nuclear holocaust?” So begins the dust-jacket copy to Dave Hunt’s 1983 best-seller. Twenty-five years ago, this title stood unique on conservative bookshelves crowded with “doom and gloom” predictions for the future U.S. economy. Though the “Reaganomics” of President Ronald Reagan (1980-1988) withstood the test of time, the economic turnaround of the 1980s and the prosperity it generated for years to come has since been recast as a “decade of greed” by those in power who now seek to “spread the wealth around.” Now, over two decades later, the stock market crash, sub-prime mortgage crisis, and scandalous trillion-dollar “bank bailout” of 2008—combined with the election of a liberal President with radical, socialist-revolutionary definitions of “hope” and “change”—have caused many to agree that the “doom and gloom” prophesies of the 1970s and ’80s are now being fulfilled, and the worst may be yet to come. Once more, both rampant speculation and dire circumstance are causing a growing number of Christians and non-Christians to dust off God’s Word in search of answers to anxious questions:

  • Are capitalism and free enterprise dead? Will a new economic world order be established prior to the reign of Antichrist? Will Marxism prevail as our next form of government?
  • Have the “outrageous conspiracy theories” of the past several decades (regarding the planned, subversive dismantling of U.S. sovereignty and independence in order to bring about global government) been now cast aside—or vindicated?
  • Are the current geo-political and economic signs of the times indicators of the prophesied Last Days and the soon return of Jesus Christ for His church? What’s next on the prophetic calendar? 

In this timely reprint of Dave Hunt’s classic 1983 work, the author holds a remarkably steady balance between history and biblical prophecy that has withstood the test of time. The Bible declares that one-world government and universal New Age religion are coming. When we take God’s Word seriously, says noted author and cult expert Dave Hunt, ‘a door swings open to fascinating new insights...provided only that we take into consideration certain factors that most ‘experts’ on the future—both Christian and nonchristian—have overlooked.’ This is no ordinary gloom-and-doom forecast, but a startling revelation of facts not commonly known. Readers will gain valuable insight for today—and tomorrow—from this fascinating perspective Dave Hunt calls “a contrary scenario.”

Available on CD or MP3, 10 hours.