Author: Hunt/McMahon
Copyright: 1988, 2011
Format: Downloadable book
Publisher: The Berean Call

America: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice

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Your friends, your family, your neighbors—and quite possibly, even your church—are wondering: Is America at the threshold of a glorious “rebirth” into planetary enlightenment, peace, and brotherhood? Or have we, as “forward-thinking” Americans in our search for higher levels of human potential, opened a spiritual Pandora’s box? Due to the occult philosophies embraced and advanced by Oprah, Oz, and countless others, Americans are rapidly “awakening” to what is being hailed as a paradigm shift in global consciousness.

  • Whatever you believe and why, one thing is certain: Today's world is the scene of a strange and growing paradox that seems to mark an important transformation in the history of mankind. For even as scientific and technological advancement is accelerating at an exponential rate, we are witnessing the greatest explosion of occultism of all time.
  • The question is, Who is right? Is there really a threat to the American culture? And if, so, what will awaken us to the truth that sets humanity free from spiritual deception and dangerous delusions—which appear to enlighten, but which actually lead to enslavement?

Originally written as a tool to educate and inform non-believers of the dangers of the New Age movement, this timely reprint of Dave Hunt's classic 1988 work will astound you all over again with its ground-breaking revelations and prophetic implications. You'll not only want to add this to your "Dave Hunt Classic" library, but also pass it along to those who may be mired in the New Spirituality of today, as well as those loved ones you wish to protect from the prowling about of our spiritual adversary.

Table of Contents

  1. A Turning Point?
  2. Sorcery—The New Paradigm
  3. Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware
  4. Popularizing Sprituality
  5. Naturalism,Scientism, and Supernatualism
  6. The Resurgence of Nature Religion
  7. Freud, Jung, and the Occult
  8. Psychotherapy: The Religious "Science"
  9. Ghosts in the Machine
  10. In Search of Spirit Entities
  11. Minds from Behond
  12. Creating One's Own Reality
  13. From Slime to Divine
  14. Satanism, Rock, and Rebellion
  15. Shamanism on the Rise
  16. Important Distinctions