Author: Hunt, Dave
Format: Book
Publisher: The Berean CAll
Size: 380 pp
Weight: 1

Sanctuary of the Chosen

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Set during the height of the Cold War, Dave Hunt's second novel focuses on the secret world of global warfare—not only between East and West, but for the ultimate control of planet Earth. Readers will be captivated by this heart-racing, history-based drama which masterfully weaves the perils of international politics with Bible prophecy and spine-chilling manifestations of our spiritual battle. This captivating novel brings the shadowy world of undercover espionage, international intrigue, and demonic deception into razor-sharp focus—in a thrilling plot that could just as easily have been set in present day:

Caught in a conspiracy linking Washington, Moscow, and Rome, Ari Thalberg must make a choice that could catapult him into leadership in the New World Order...or into destruction. Romance, intrigue and a search for truth collide in a frantic race against death and the forces of evil.

As a young boy Ari had been raised as one of the Party's elite—East Germany's hope for dominance in the future. But Ari leads a double life: by day, a loyal party member and by night, the organizer of student protests designed to overthrow the communist system. When the conspiracy is uncovered, Ari is marked for destruction. Now a fugitive without a country, only one nation will take him in. There he must finally face the truth about his despised heritage and confront the forces that have controlled his destiny.  

Will Ari's love for Miriam cause him to heed her warnings before it's too late? Or will his fateful obsession to establish world peace drive him into a diabolical chess match with powers beyond his control?

Anchored in history, this compelling drama takes you behind the scenes of future world events, displaying Bible prophecy in a grand and sweeping account worthy of the silver screen. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Betrayed
  2. A Fugitive
  3. "You're a Dirty Stinking Jew!"
  4. Into the Night
  5. Enemy of the People
  6. R. Harrison Dunn IV
  7. Nightmare
  8. Le Professeur
  9. A Matter of Principal
  10. The Committee
  11. Nicole
  12. The East-West Connection
  13. Abdul
  14. A Terrifying Possibility
  15. The Making of a Terrorist?
  16. Accusations an Denials
  17. Opiate of the People
  18. Euphoria...and Despair
  19. To Be—or Not to Be
  20. "If I Die"
  21. Sweet, Sweet Success
  22. Farewell to Love and Friendship
  23. A Question of Survival
  24. Man Without a Country
  25. An Unhappy Compromise
  26. "I'll Be in Jerusalem before You"
  27. "Welcome to Israel"
  28. The Old Warrior
  29. A Metamorphosis
  30. Elor of the Nine
  31. Miriam
  32. Bar Mitzvah—At Last
  33. Abducted!
  34. The Mossad
  35. Recruited
  36. Deja Vu
  37. Progress and Peril
  38. A Dangerous Assignment
  39. Back in the Saddle
  40. The Israeli Connection
  41. An Irresistible Invitation
  42. Congress for a New World
  43. All Hell Breaks Loose!
  44. A Dream Comes True
  45. Back from the Dead
  46. Under Suspicion
  47. In "Protective Custody"
  48. The Warsaw Ghetto Syndrome
  49. Surprising Confirmation
  50. Out of the Night
  51. Rendezvous